The simple way to get booked to speak for easy access speaking engagements both onstage and online. 

We are excited to have you join us! Over 400 up-and-coming speakers asked to join last time, but spots were limited as I looove to give you feedback on each assignment. 

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How do you get booked to speak? Getting booked to speak has a lot of moving parts.  

There’s meeting the right people, warming to the organizers, preparing a whole talk, and then yada yada yada.

But it doesn’t have to be so complex. I created a simple way.  

Don’t you wish it were easy?  

And maybe you have wondered... ❍ Who would want to hear ME speak? ❍ How do I come up with a whole talk? ❍ How do I get invited to speak at events?  

The step-by-step method to drop your fears and get your message out to the right audience both on stage & online! And it’s...  


You can do it in just minutes a day THIS WEEK!  

Hi! I’m Soness--speaker coach to over 115 TED & TEDx speakers, trainer to thousands of speakers internationally. My speakers and I speak on a variety of stages and online all over the world using my simple techniques!*  

Join... GET BOOKED TO SPEAK IN A WEEK: FROM IDEA TO 'WE WANT YOU!’ In 4 minutes a day!™  

...with Intensive Group Coaching with your speaker coach Soness. Yes, I hold your hand through every step of the process! From... 

Mindset→ Ideas → Talk concepts → Get Booked To Speak™ in a week!  

The simple way to get booked to speak for easy-entry speaking both onstage and online.  

*This course “GET BOOKED TO SPEAK IN A WEEK™” is not for getting booked to speak at TED. In GBTS you nurture your idea seeds to start to make them worth spreading.  

What they say...

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